The first April 20 after the legalization of cannabis in Canada, and it was more than activists, growers, and connoisseurs with a reason to celebrate the “international day of weed” this year.

The cannabis industry in Canada is growing rapidly, and business is booming, so it’s only fitting that Canada’s cannabis entrepreneurs—even those who don’t touch the plant itself—get to join the party. 

To celebrate the successes of their clients, Torkin Manes hosted a “BeFour Twenty” party last Thursday night, which coincided so nicely with the end of Benzinga’s Cannabis Capital Conference that some out-of-towners were able to enjoy the event. 

The inaugural event was specifically geared to the launch of Ontario’s bricks and mortar retail cannabis industry. “Our firm was retained to assist with 25% of all of the retail stores that received the opportunity to become licensed in Ontario,” says Matt Maurer, Vice-Chair of Torkin Manes’ Cannabis Law Group. “We are thrilled to be able to provide the opportunity for all of the new Ontario retailers to meet and network with individuals from a large number of licensed producers, accessory companies and service providers.”

Maurer’s concept was beautifully executed by Alison Janzen and Jessica Horowitz at Assembly Chef’s Hall, a sprawling food hall full of culinary delights right in the heart of Toronto’s business district.

Trays of delicious foods from all over the world spun their way through a very bubbly crowd and the DJ had heads bopping until 11 pm—maybe a little later, but who’s watching the clock when they’re having fun? 

Thanks to several generous sponsors, guests went home with goodies of all kinds, including cannabis rolling papers and homemade fortune cookies from Ethical Image who also created the photo booth. 

Even as popularity grows, some companies will stay away from the “420” theme but Torkin Manes isn’t afraid to embrace it. “We’ve already sat down to start planning our next event,” says Maurer, “and everyone is looking forward to connecting again shortly.”

The firm looks forward to another year of big successes for our clients, and for the Canadian cannabis industry as a whole. 
Matt Maurer can be found next on May 2 at UCANN, an event to educate cannabis industry professionals, where he will sit on the law panel.

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